S.V.POWER SOLUTIONS is a solar venture focused on photovoltaic systems such has solar PV Rooftop, Solar street lights, Solar Pumps and Solar Water Heater. we want to bring energy independence to people where they would have their own power source when they need it. Our mission is to provide reliable energy soure at an affordable cost.
S.V. Power solutions Solar was founded with a strong belief that solar energy is going to be alternative to fossil fuels especially in indian cirumstances. It is not only clean energy applications.

Why go solar?

Saves Environment: 70% of our electricity comes from nonrenewable source of energy, which is a major contributor to climate change. Solar energy protects the environment by reducing carbon footprint An average one kilowatt solar power system can save up to 1.5 tonnes of green house gas.

Long Life Time: Solar pannels are long lasting, PV modules typically backed by 25 years power performace warranty.

Lowered utility costs: Solar powered homes and buildings typically receive a reduced utility bill of at least 40-80%.

What is Solar

solar Power is Clean Green Electricity that is either created from sunlight or from heat of the sun.

Solar energy is received from the sun, in the form of solar radiation, which we can the utilize either activity or passively converting it into heat or electricity.

Solar Panels converts light energy from the sun into direct current electricity. These systems are a cost effecive and environmentally responsible way of generating power.

Solar energy is clean, renewable and inexhaustible.

our mission

SV POWER SOLUTIONS is passionate about contributing power to our country, without depending on fossil fuel.

Our Aim

Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy across the country

OUR Environment

To conserve our environment and provide one stop solution of clean energy and become industry leader.

our Goal

Our goal is to provide clean energy to all human in the long term for our business style.